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Careers at Patkar Estates

At Patkar Estates, we believe in teamwork and coordination. We are experienced in real estate development and redevelopment, who focus on building lifestyle projects. For our projects to achieve the desired results we need skillful mindsets to work for us. A great opportunity to face multiple challenges will come your way which will give you an outcome of learning each day in your career. We at Marque Empire believe in dedication and progress.

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Are you a hustler? Does your pitch close the client in one go? Then heres your chance. We are looking for an on site Sales Manager. To apply please fill in the form

Engineer at Construction Site

Site Engineer

Civil Engineer with min 2 years of field experience in Residential Construction.

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Looking for an accountant with an experience of 4+ years
Must be experienced in oversee accounting: rebates, incentives, waivers, and claw backs. Fill in the form to apply.

We’re Hiring


We are always open to fresh talents, so email your resumes at

+ 91-8308192424

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